How to change the color of your drum stand! 2005-2006 Christian Ernst

Go to your favorite bathroom accessories store and ask for "shower rod covers".

Its a plastic tube, 60" long, cut opened along its length and made to cover shower curtain rods. It comes in various colors including black and white and sells for about $1.50 a piece.

Its easy to cut with cisors to fit the length of drum stand bars you need to cover.

Its only about an inch in diameter but you can place it over you drum stand bar in such a way that the uncovered part of the bar is hidden from view.

You dont have to take appart the drum stand to install the tubing, its cut opened along its length so you can just "slip it over" the drum stand bars.

They even make this stuff in "beige" and brown so you can make your drum stand color fit your 1980's Lada upholstery! (kinda looks like wood also...I said kind of)

Any girls dreaming of pink drum stands ???

I guess it could even be air brushed ... anyone for a snake skin drum stand ?

I'm using it to cover the bars I added to my MDS-6 drum stand...

I'de like to see a picture if you ever achieve any radical effect with this trick !

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