My Digital Drum Kit
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The kit is constructed around
a Roland V-Drums Set:

  • Roland TD-6K V-Drum Set (the original)
  • Roland PD-80-R (snare)
  • Roland PD-8 (tom1, 2 zones)
  • Roland CY-5 (hi-hat, 2 zones)
  • Roland CY-12-R/C (ride, bow/bell)
  • Roland KD-8 (kick)
  • Network double kick pedal
  • Roland SPD-6 percussion pad
  • SIMMONS SDE Expander synth module
  • E-mu PROCUSSION maximum percussion module (acquired from Giorgio Moroder)
  • MIDI K.I.T.I. Pro - KAT intelligent trigger interface
  • SIMMONS SDS9 pads (x4) + Pearl stand
  • BEHRINGER Eurorack MXB1002 mixer
  • BEHRINGER FEX800 MINI FEX Multi Effects Processor
  • Yamaha MS50DR Amp & Speakers system
  • Evolution MK-149 4 octaves MIDI keyboard
  • DigiTech PDS3500 THE MIDI Pedal
  • MIDIMAN Merge 2x2
  • PC, Adlib Sound Card, 15" LCD monitor, Logitech Trackman Marble
  • Koss Headphones
  • Dixon drum throne, Dixon stick holder
  • Pro-Mark Drumsticks
  • Over $400 worth of Roland, Dixon & Gibraltar clamps, holders, tubes & hardware
  • Lots of audio/MIDI cables and power supplies, 40 velcro cable ties to clean up the mess...but there is still some left...


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